At once they blow from all cardinal directions and swirl everybody and everything. The wind fairies pit their strength against the cloud catchers gustily, they wave cheerfully in between their audience, hoax some here, caress some there and let their cloud catchers play with the wind.

/// Adlartok – The east wind wakes up memories of winterly cold. With his anemometer he shows how strong the wind blows.

/// Ora – The bride of the south wind resembles a warm summer breeze. She carries the fragrance of oranges and is evocative of iberian passionate warmth.

/// Yalca-– The bride of the north wind is stormy as an autumn day over open sea and arranges for powerful tailwind.

/// Chinook – The bride of the west is a teenage spring blast, twirls merrily and turns everyone’s head. This largely visible promenade on stilts brings a lot of dynamic to your event.

Impressions of ``Brides of the wind and cloud Catchers``