Costumes & Performance
  • We are happy to advise you on the selection of acts / costumes.
  • You can, after prior consultation, freely choose from our pool as well as combine individual acts with each other.
  • All costumes are handmade by us in our own studio. High quality and costume care is very important to us. Do you need an individually made costume? Feel free to ask us!

No, unfortunately we do not rent out our costumes.

  • Our team consists of freelance artists, actors, clowns and stilt walkers.
  • You can currently book between 1 and 11 artists, including 8 stilt walkers, by prior appointment.
  • We play both indoor and outdoor.
  • Geographical boundaries do not exist for us. We play all over the world.
  • Examples of events:
    Cultural events, theater festivals, gala events, moonlight shopping, trade fairs & congresses, corporate events, city festivals, promotional events, anniversaries, festive occasions, housewarmings, Christmas parties & summer festivals, incentives, light festivals, autumn markets, summer balls, weddings, open days and wherever you need us.
  • Musical background for the costumes is part of our performances.
  • The music is specially composed for our acts, supports the dynamics of their event and is part of the performance.
  • Music is played with active speakers and has a range of about 8 meters.
  • It can be turned up or down depending on the situation and can only be omitted in special situations.
  • We will send you our list for GEMA before the event.
  • The length of the performance will be individually tailored to your needs.
  • Our stilt walkers can play for a maximum of 90 minutes before they need a break.
  • A break including taking off and putting on the costumes and renewing the make-up takes about 45 min.
  • Examples of common playing times/ time slots:
    • 1 x 40 min. playing time
    • 1x 60 min. playing time or in a 2 hour time window e.g. 12 – 14 o’clock 2 x 30 min.
    • 1x 90 min. playing time or in 3 hrs. time window e.g. 12 – 15 hrs. 2 x 45 min. playing time
    • 160 min. playing time in 5 hrs. time window e.g. 12 – 17 hrs. 4 x 40 min.
    • 200 min. playing time in 6 hrs. time window e.g. 12 – 18 hrs. 5 x 40 min.

We are prepared for all cases and pay attention to the minimum distances. Furthermore, in our workshop we have made suitable protective masks for all costumes.

Booking & Contract

Our office will be happy to provide you with an individual offer including all costs within 24 hours.

For this we need from you:

  • Your contact details
  • Venue
  • Event date
  • Time frame of the performances
  • Number of artists (optional)
  • Desired act (optional)
  • Our office will create an individual offer for you.
  • After making an appointment with our team, we will reserve the desired date range for you.
  • If you like the offer, we will send you our contract as PDF for signature.
  • Before the event we will send you our GEMA list.
  • 1 week before the event we will contact you to coordinate details like arrival and meeting point.
  • After the event you will receive an invoice from us including travel costs and VAT.

After signing the contract, you can receive professional photo material from us in high resolution for your PR. The use is free of charge, the sources are to be named accordingly:

  • Costumes:
  • Photos: &

Furthermore we ask you to send us a press review or a voucher copy.

Event procedure & organization

Unfortunately, we cannot play in case of rain and snowfall due to the sensitive costumes. Therefore, we interrupt our performances in case of rain and make up for it during the event if possible and in consultation with you. If your event literally falls through so that we cannot perform, or if your event is completely cancelled by you due to the weather, all contractually agreed costs will be incurred. Unfortunately, as artists we cannot assume the event risk of the organizer.

In case of snow and icy conditions, we reserve the right to replace stilt performances with other costumes after prior consultation with you. Wind, on the other hand, is not a problem for most costumes.

All our costumes are illuminated.

Stilt acts:

  • The clear height of the venue should be min. 340 cm to show off the costumes well.
  • We need a step-free access to the event (short stairs can be used).
  • Doors and elevators as well as trees are usually not a problem.
  • Most surfaces such as cobblestones, lawns or gravel paths are usually no problem for us either.

Time of the snails:

  • Stepless access to the event with a width of approx. 150 cm for the snail shells.

Beetle alarm / dung beetle:

  • Access to the event with approx. 160 cm width with power connection for blowing up the “dung ball”.

Yes, we need a dressing room with the following minimum requirements at least 90 min. before the start of the event:

  • approx. 12 sqm room size
  • 2 tables – 1 of which is a stable table (e.g. beer tent set) for setting up the stilts (by arrangement we can bring our stilts platform)
  • 2 chairs for make-up while sitting
  • stable coat rack (can be brought by arrangement)
  • warm running water nearby (for make-up removal)
  • Since experience shows that we do not have time to cater for ourselves and generally do not eat in costume, we require catering in the dressing room or in the immediate vicinity.
  • The catering should include adequate vegetarian food, water and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • If it is not possible for you to organize a catering for us, we will find a solution together.

Being on time is very important to us. We arrive at the venue about 2 hours before the event starts. We usually arrive by car.

We ask you to reserve us a parking space near your event:

  • Our bus has a height of 189 cm
  • Our car has a height of 187 cm

Even though we would very much like to travel by train for environmental reasons, this is only possible in exceptional cases. The costumes and accessories need a lot of space. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to check in our luggage extra with the train so far.

Due to the size and weight of the costumes and accessories, it is not possible for all acts to travel by air.

Currently the following acts are flyable:

We are constantly working to make more acts flight-ready.

Jobs & Internships

We are looking for freelance professional stilt walkers in 2021. Feel free to call us at the office or send us a short mail.

Are you looking for an internship in our costume workshop? Feel free to call us at the office or send us a short mail.