Griffins did arise from old magical times, untamed mythical creatures.

Our three griffins are Blegur, Nuergier and Torfierg: half playful dragon, half capricious bird, half big game

… and they all like to kick up a fuss.



Out of all people the gawkish troll TugdiNut is their shepherd. His duty is to get them under control, because jealousy about food, fights of position and undue behaviour are on the agenda of this colourful herd of griffins.

Now as trolls are lightheaded guys and education is not their first skill… the question is… who is taming whom.

Details of this stilt act:

All of our costumes are illuminated and have music inside.

Interaction with the audience still is and remains our strongest quality and for us it is an implicitness.

Impressions of ``Griffins featuring TugdiNut``