Preview 2016
We are looking forward to the premiere of our stilt walking act in July 2016 at „Little Festival in the Great Garden“, in the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen.

„digaudi“ :
A highly original colourful stilt walking act with geometrical bases and its outliers.
The four quirky grown characters are playful, fraught with surprises and it is hard to say who is  more odd:
„ Sol“, the circle, blazes in lush yellow and has a sunny  temper.

„Quaternio“, the square with green hat piles up high in a strange way.
The triangle, her name is „Tri“, flirts while swinging her magenta coloured fans.
The spiral jumps around in vigorous orange, „Spirelli“ is her name and that’s program.

For this walking act we have been inspired by the wonderful architecture of Antoni Gaudi.
First images you will find here
and more to be followed –
promised… 🙂

Impressions of ``Digaudi``