Santas Little Helpers Our impish Christmas gnomes and our christmas angel arrive as Santa Claus` messengers directly from the Northern Countries. Drolly and charmingly they collect people`s grand and small heart’s desires and pass them on – almost directly – to Santa Claus.

Christmas carols sound out of their magical illuminated sleigh and invite you to a funny little sledging. Our Christmas gnomes and our sweet angel of wishes love to make presents to the audience. They conjure magic nuts or customer gifts you have provided out of their baskets..

Wow, how cute they are! Our “freshly baked” Miss Gingerbread Heart, the Gingerbread Man and the Fairy of Cinnamon Stars are looking forward to sweeten your event during Christmas time.

All three of them, as a trio, duo or solo, will surprise and entertain your guests and clients splendidly.

Of course we have illuminated these stilt costumes for your evening presentation.



To whom the Fairies  of Christmas tree and Winter rose give a magic cristal and tell the secrets of making a wish,  they  put a smile on their face. With Jack Frost, Snow Fairy and Ice Princess winter is approaching. The impressive master of snow flurry and icy east winds is coming with his followers from the vastness of the russian taiga. He will lure winter to Germany as well.

Magical lights hidden in the costumes give the gnomes a Christmasy shine. Winter Dreams Cheekily, swift and maybe with the first snowflakes of the year they appear: Graceful Snow Fay and twee Ice princess.

Full of humour and beautiful to look at they give away magical cristals and dance to fairylike music. Wonderful lighting gives an incomparable charme to the sassy but romantic going.

Impressions of ``Santas Little Helpers``