Their home is the enchanted fairy garden. From there they have left “to tour all the world”. Pixies, fairies, midgets & gnomes are travelling together to places, where they admire beauty, learn from the traditions and customs of human culture or just hope for some fun and adventure. •

The eranthis twins Eranthis A & Eranthis B, two dwarf-rascals, are hyper active and powered by pleasure. You should look after them carefully, because they are ready for any hoax, always. With their sunny disposition it’s not possible to spoil their mood. And they do anything as a two-pack. Lively – Funny – Hyper active • The Rose fairy „Rosa pendulina“ is under the sign of love on world tour and takes care with her fairy magic fragrance for young love incitement.

Even to an older love she can add some heartbeat and butterflies in the tummy. Apparantly once in a while she yields to her own magic perfume, forgets space and time and causes quite a stir. Gorgeous – Like a diva – Addleheaded • The fairy „Nigella“ is a delicate character.

She loves everything beautiful and her invisible friend, will-o’-wisp Howarth, who lives in her fairy lantern. As a happy-go-lucky camper with no boundaries he arranges funny games with the audience and due to his sociability Nigella dives from one action into another.

On herself she would love to dance mostly, letting the wind swirl her blue dress. Delightful – Pretty – Whacky • The strawberry-pixie „Fragaria“ is in her own words: “…total sweet – that’s what they all say.“ Curiosity is her middle name.

She wants to know everything, driving everyone crazy with questions and is an apprentice of her droll friend, the blackberry gnome “Rubus”. She wants to learn everything about humans, how to sneak-up, steal away and hide. Everything is exciting and new for her.

Sweet – Sweet – Honey-sweet • „Rubus“, the buxom rootsy blackberry-gnome, knows everything, particularly the right way. He’s the master of hiding, camouflage, still hunt and he is the chief instructor of all pixies in the subject “science of human behaviour”.

He has undertaken a difficult job to educate “Fragaria” and is pretty much the only who can tame her. His only soft spot is – he loves to flirt. Berry – Wisenheimer – Having a crush on someone always All costumes are sparkling in the dark and have music within, that creates a very special atmosphere.

Impressions of ``Little Garden Folk``