Dandelion, Daisy and Gout Weed – Wild Herbs


These wild herbs welcome guests in really every garden!


Wherever they appear, there is bright enthusiasm.


The queens of wild herbs make every grumpy gardener’s face flourish. As beneficial herbs, they make every gardener’s heart leap for joy.



Slightly airy, but deeply rooted, the tender queen of wild herbs shows her sunny spirit. Nobody can stop her. Her radiant yellow and sunny mind brightens everybody. Her friendly presence brings a good mood and a lot of smiling into the world.




A Thousand different names for  this inexperienced little herb and not one, not two, no, a thousand blossoms are what the queen of wild herbs calls her own.


The best-known of all wild herbs takes care of its admirers persistently and always aligns itself with the sun to let everyone shine.

Still in the starting blocks: Gout weed


Already scratching with the roots, the queen of wild herbs wants to get out.

Darling of all garden enthusiasts and the secret star of all wild herbs.


Everywhere all at once it  pops up suddenly. If you think you’ve got rid of it,  zack,  it’s there again, a cheerful companion by your side, ensures a big hello and finds a place all around – letting his lush green shine.


Impressions of `` Wild Herbs ``