Autumn Leaves – Time of Stormy Weather Arrived


See the signs of the approaching autumn: branches bend in the wind, the first red and orange leaves flutter towards the blue sky. Lifted into the air by playful winds, they sail merrily to the ground. Everything promises one of the most beautiful seasons – autumn.


The three autumn fairies Acera, Querca and Fagoa are looking forward to stirring up your event. They are bubbly bundles of energy, sometimes as powerful as the most beautiful autumn storm, then again elegant and hovering. They are as playful as their leafage and always witty.


Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, sometimes with a funny flutter, the autumn fairies whirl through your event, constantly looking for a new playground.

Enjoy the swirl of our autumn leaves!


Interaction with the audience, as well as light & music in the costumes is a must for us.


Can be booked as a solo, duo or trio.


Impressions of `` Autumn Leaves ``