Magical lights hidden in the costumes give the gnomes a Christmasy shine. Winter Dreams Cheekily, swift and maybe with the first snowflakes of the year they appear: Graceful Snow Fay and twee Ice princess.

These walk acts provide the necessary energy in the winter time

Our winter dream figures are happy to distribute the small gifts you have provided to your clients, colleagues and guests.

We have illuminated all acts for your evening event. Music in the costumes is part of our performances and enhances the dynamics of the presence. You can book the figures as  trio, duo, solo or even “white” mixed. Surprise your guests and customers and provide great entertainment.


Snowflakes –  Stilt act

Father Frost has his bright joy in this lively snow flurry!
Their winter-sunny mind makes everything around these winter fairies shine, makes snow drizzle and sleet showers appear as the most beautiful winter weather.
So much is clear – the first snow of the year puts you in a good mood!
Our snowflakes prance around their audience, fly apart, being all smile they dance around airily, charm – enchant.
Sometimes they gently sway to the music, then suddenly driven by the east wind they excitedly disperse, only to find themselves together again for a little dance.
Just like snowflakes are – light as a feather and not to be tamed.
You can book this illuminated stilt act as solo or duo or together with other winter dream figures.


Wish Angel

Our sweet angel literally reads people’s wishes from their eyes and looks deep into their hearts. Dancing lightly as a feather she presents everyone a good word and gives us time, happiness and joy.


The Snow Fairy

enchants young and old with her smile and all sorts of wish crystals.
So much is clear – the first snow of the year puts everyone in a good mood.


The Snowball Goblin

Who is throwing with snow???

Is there a leprechaun living in the snowball?
What is he doing? Is he snowballing his audience?
He is rolling aroung and… does he want contact or trouble?
The witty quirky snowball gnome lets balls fly through the air  and also drives a lot of jokes.
He is not only droll  and funny but also wonderfully illuminated.



The Ice Princess

A delicate ice creature – despite the freezing cold, she has a warm heart. Mysteriously, she ensnares everyone she meets with a graceful look and spins her white magic.


Father Frost

With Father Frost, winter arrives. The imposing lord over snow drifts and icy eastern winds comes with his assistants from the vastness of the Russian taiga and drives away the frosty thoughts.


Covid-19   Prepared for all eventualities – We can keep our distance

We offer our appearances with mouth-nose protection mask.

In our workshop we make every mask to match the costume.

Imaginative, colorful, sympathetic, friendly…

For maximum safety for you, your customers, guests and our team.


We look forward to your inquiries

Impressions of ``Snow flurries and Winter dreams``