Beetle Alarm

Long-legged Creatures and other Meadow-dwellers A flock of a long-legged insect, a beetle and a garden dragon invade the playground of your event and provide with dynamic charme fun and entertainment. „ Fortune Beetle“: in striking colours, he is always in search of contact with the human race to become friends with in his very…

Fiori Magici

hese arcane flowers invite you for daydreaming. They want to bewitch, spread silence, magic and fascination. Gracefully Amaryllis, clover fay,tulip and Calla seem to float. And they dance in changing formations to spherical sounds. Romantically twinkling lights make our costumes shine in the darkness. Impressions of “Fiori Magici“

Fabulous Seasons

are ready to go!!! They appear as a colourful bouquet of seasons. They want to tantalize or seduce to play, on stilts or on the ground, a marvelous colourful flock of fairies. „Snow Fay“ and „Ice Princess“ are dancing cheekily with the first snowflakes and their audience a round dance. Lovely and gracefully „Clover Fay“…


Enchanting and loping the lively and happy wagtails “fly” across your event and plunge right into the action. Always ready for a little jest, switching from the graceful to the provoking, they amuse their audience and make them laugh and wonder. Impressions of “Wagtails“

Ocean Dancers

They came from the seven seas to delight all people: the enchanting Water Nymph, the imperious Aquarius and graceful Shell Mermaid. As companions of the tides, they play and dance between the waves to the sounds of waltz music. Merging, bubbling, gurgling, they dive with you into the joy of life. They love to twiddle with the audience, bestow…

The Play of the Elements

Feuer, Fire, water, earth and air are coming face to face. The play of the elements has started. The impulsive flame is caressing dangerously the charming shell mermaid. The sultry bride of the wind is creating a stormy dance. Meanwhile the lumbering forest sprite is telling a orgeous story. They all play together and our…

Kleines Fest im großen Park

Großer Ansturm aufs “Kleine Fest“ Zum Auftakt des zweitägigen Spektakels “Kleines Fest im großen Park” strömten gestern Abend etwa 9000 Besucher in den Ludwigsluster Schlosspark. Mehr als 60 Künstler aus 14 Ländern sorgen für Unterhaltung. Foto: Jens Büttner Schweriner Volkszeitung, 13./14.8.16